Three Levels of Social Work Licensure in Kansas

  • LBSW – Licensed Social Worker
    • Requires a bachelor’s degree in social work from a school accredited by the CSWE.
  • LMSW – Licensed Social Worker
    • Requires a master’s degree and licensed master social workers (LMSW) must have an MSW from a CSWE-accredited school and meet requirements set forth in Kansas statutes and regulations
    • See for more information.
  • LSCSW – Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker
    • Holding your specialist clinical social worker license (LSCSW) means you will be able to practice clinical social work and practice all social work independently. To become an LSCSW, you must first obtain an MSW. LSCSWs must have 4,000 hours of supervised social work experience and 150 hours of supervision time. The experience must be acquired in no less than two but no more than six years.
    • See additional requirements on

Steps toward licensure

Step 1 – Complete licensure applicationclick here pay fee must be with application. 

Step 2 – Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive written notice regarding eligibility to sit for the examination. You must submit a licensure application to the Board office at least six weeks prior to the date you wish to register for the exam.

At that point you will contact the Association of Social Works Boards (ASWB.ORG) to pay the exam fee. Once the exam fee is paid, ASWB will send you instructions on how to register at a Pearson Testing Center to take the exam.

Step 3– Read the licensing board’s online Laws and Rules click here

Step 4 – Submit OFFICIAL transcripts directly by the Register’s office to the board electronically or by mail.

Step 5 – Professional references are required as a part of the application process.

NASW-KS Chapter members have access to assistance, consultation, and support by the KS Chapter Executive Director with the KS licensure process.

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